Oh NaNoWriMo…

It is November so of course I am slogging away to write my first project ever for National Novel Writing Month. I am so excited to see if I can knock out the first 50,000 words toward my first novel, Winds of Revelation.

I am so thrilled with this project and just cannot stop the ideas from bubbling up. Now for the hard part of organizing them all and getting it down on paper. I cannot wait to complete this and share it with all of you. Here is a little look forward to where I am going…

photo 4

Of course, as always happens, I spent my first full day of the month busy with the little minions instead of being able to write. I am sure it will not be the only day that makes this challenge all the more interesting. For now, I am going to jump back into the world of Nievgorow and see what secrets Will is uncovering today.

Anyone else participating? Share your username in the comments and let’s be buddies!