Read this the next time you’re ready to give up on your dream.

I have always been a reader. I think I was a reader before I was able to read. I was raised in a home full of books. I can remember gathering a STACK of books, and my mom reading each and every one to me (multiple times, I’m sure). I’m sure my mother never wants to read a Berenstain Bears book again even 30 years later.

The thing about really bookish people is that our love of reading usually leads to a love of writing and a dream of being an author. Most of us don’t ever write that book. Even less end up being a bona-fide, published author. So many of us give up without trying.

True, not everyone needs to be an author. Like other childhood dreams, being a writer goes  the way of being an astronaut-fairy princess policeman. They grow up and find something else that becomes THE dream. Then, they chase that dream with a fury and never think about being an author again.

The ones who never let go of that dream though often give up anyway. Why? Well, odds are, you won’t get published. Odds are you will never have a bestseller and will never get to have tea with J.K. Rowling. So, people keep that dream tucked away and never do anything about it because life gets in the way or they don’t want to fail.

I know. I was that person. I gave up after being told by a high school English teacher that I wasn’t good enough. I gave up when medications for a health issue in college seemed to disconnect the synapses needed to write coherently. I gave up when I needed to just find a job and be a grown up. I gave up when I found myself pregnant unexpectedly and bogged down with anxiety and exhaustion.

Then, I realized that it was impossible to NOT write. I have lived with this story that I absolutely HAVE to tell. If I don’t get this out, I will have not done the one thing. I will not have chased THE dream. Plus, I REALLY want to have tea with J.K. Rowling. (Call me, Jo?)

I’m poor. I’m busy chasing two toddlers. I stay up late and I get up early. I write during naps and while they play outside. It sucks some days. It gets hard and they interrupt. They have asked 500 questions and requested my help 20 times while I write this post.

So, what is your dream? What is the big thing you struggle and fight to do? Don’t give up. DO NOT GIVE UP. It isn’t impossible. Focus on the small step you CAN do today toward that dream. Do it.