The Only Thing Better than Books: Great Deals on Books!

I have a bit of a problem.  I want more books than I have money in my bank account.  So, what is a girl to do? Simple. Get a Kindle app and then scour the web for great deals and freebies to download.

Yes, when you download a free book, you do sometimes get what you paid for and it isn’t the best quality.  However, sometimes, you stumble across a rare gem that you would have happily paid full price and then some to read.

Here are some of my favorite resources for great deals and discounts on ebooks. – One Hundred Free Books will definitely bring some variety and interesting deals to you daily.  They publish a list 2-3 times a day of special deals.  I have found many enjoyable reads here. – This is the best known website for great ebook deals.  It conveniently lets you set up a list of your favorite genres and will email you daily with deals just for you.  This is a great starting point and very user friendly. – Another great source that will send automated emails to you as well.  They have an excellent variety and some deals that I haven’t seen on the other sites. – Another site that will email you daily.  This does tend to have some overlap with the other sites but will occasionally have a deal not found elsewhere. – This will have discounts on great books and usually one free classic a day.  These are usually one day deals and you will want to take advantage of the email feature to ensure you don’t miss out. – Focusing on sci-fi and fantasy, this will have a smaller list of genre-specific deals.  If you love magic or space adventures, this is a must for you.  They will often list titles that are overlooked by the larger lists. – This website is incredibly thorough and usually my first stop of the day.  It will send an email reminder as well.

I have enjoyed hours of reading due to the special deals and discounts from these websites.  Do you have any resources to recommend?


What do you think?

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